About Us

Marine Product Sales is your one stop shop for premium boating accessories and parts.

We aim to provide top tier products and exceptional customer service to our buyers. 

We are passionate about boating and we strive to ensure all the equipment and accessories we sell meet and exceed your expectations. 

Our Team 

Dane Sweatman is the driving force behind Marine Product Sales. As an expert boating technician and enthusiast, his knowledge and business savvy ensure thoroughly vetted and curated products for seasoned and neophyte boaters.

Tom Wiesen is our Content Manager,  his field expertise encompasses a lifetime of boating and outdoor experience. 20 years as a wilderness guide in Colorado he brings his expertise from remote mountain tops to raging rivers. He oversees the Copy writing and content curation of our website.

Louis Quiño is our Project Manager, he ensures the flow operations between our drop shipping team and our offshore team are well organized and he takes care of organizational communications and administrative affairs. 

Exceptional Products for Exceptional Boating Experience

At Marine Product Sales, our team is committed to providing top notch experience to our customers.

We pride ourselves in our product expertise, industry knowledge and personal experiences the gadgets and accessories we sell.
We’re here to provide you the perfect boating accessories and to make sure you have a great time in the water.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at marineproductsales@gmail.com